Termalitas Del Arenal Hot Springs Costa Rica

The most eco-friendly and natural hot springs in La Fortuna is called Termalitas Del Arenal and it only costs 9 colones. The price is well worth the admission and helps preserve the facility. Let’s start off from the minute you walk in. It’s not a super grand entrance like some of the other hot spring but your immediately drawn in by all the lush greenery, trees and hot spring fed pools around you.

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Termalitas Del Arenal Hot Springs Costa Rica

Families and park benches under tiki huts lined the paths to different temperature pools. There was a food stand and a bar as well available to patrons. The best part about this place is that you can bring in your own food and alcohol. You can find barbecue pits to cook and open seating everywhere.

Termalitas Del Arenal Hot Springs. Costa Rica

Furthermore, the unique thing about this hot springs was that you could pick a hotter spring (like really hot) or a cooler spring and everything in between. The different temperate pools make for hours of fun depending on your mood and feeling. Mostly locals hang out here so you get a sense of the cultural and really feel immersed in the Costa Rican lifestyle.

The highlight of the facility, should you dare, is the slides in the main pool area. Anything goes here, so take the plunge at your own risk. Want to slide upside down? On Your feet (not recommend) or backwards? Sure, go ahead!

Termalitas Del Arenal Hot Springs Costa Rica

After your fun in the sun all day at the relaxing pools, stay at the nearby Relax Termalitas Bed & Breakfast. This affordable hotel offers free Wi-Fi, hot water and a flat-screen TV with cable service. Standard Rooms start at $80US and Family Rooms start at $85.

If you’re looking for a nearby place to stay, considering using the map tool below to get started. Just search the map, enter your dates and pick out your next stay!

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