How to Take the Train from Barcelona To Montserrat

This page will give you instructions on how you can travel from Barcelona to Montserrat by train. You will also find the different ticket types, including the options for the cable car or rack railway up to the top of the mountain.

How to Travel by Train to Montserrat

You can travel to Montserrat by train, which you catch from España rail station in Barcelona centre.

The España rail station is on the green and red metro lines, making it accessible from any part of Barcelona city centre that has a metro stop. Many people use the Hola Barcelona Travel Card, which includes unlimited journeys on Barcelona’s public transport

Once at España station, look for Line R5 headed towards Manresa.

It’s advisable to arrive at España station in plenty of time as it can be a little confusing to find the R5 track. The España rail station is quite large, and the directions to the R5 track could be clearer. There are queues to buy the tickets and the trains to Montserrat leave on time.

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Important Montserrat Spain Terms

There are quite a few terms used for the different transport options, and we must clearly define those now so you do not get confused when reading this page. Some transport terms have many names for the same thing.

You have two transport options to get to the monastery from the base of the Montserrat mountain. These are the cable car and the rack railway.

Cable Car, also known as Aeri de Montserrat, is the cable car that goes from the base of the Montserrat mountain to the monastery.

Rack Railway, also known as the Cremallera, or Cog Wheel Train is a mountain train (funicular) that goes from the base of Montserrat mountain to the monastery.

Note that the cable car is situated one stop before the rack railway on the train journey from Barcelona. The stop for the cable car is called Aeri de Montserrat, and the train stop for the Rack Railway is Monistrol de Montserrat. We have illustrated these train stops in our diagrammatic map of Montserrat, which you can find further down on this page.

Once you have reached the monastery by taking either the rack railway or the cable car, you have two further funicular mountain trains that can take you to different parts of the mountain. These two funiculars are optional and can make it easier for mountain walkers to arrive at different points in the mountain. These two funiculars are called Santa Cova Funicular and the Santa Joan Funicular.

Montserrat Tickets

You will need to buy several different transport tickets to enjoy a visit to Montserrat.

Buying several tickets can be confusing if you are a first-time visitor to Montserrat, but have no fear, Nick is here:

1. You need a metro ticket to arrive at Espanya station in Barcelona. You can buy this at the metro station or many use the Hola Barcelona Card.

2. You will need train tickets to the foot of Montserrat Mountain from Barcelona at the train station or

3. You need a cable car ticket up to the monastery from the foot of the mountain.

4. If you want to visit the Montserrat Museum, you will need this entrance ticket.

Instead of working all this out for yourself, you can buy the Montserrat Half-Day Ticket and sit back and enjoy your care-free day via a guided tour.

You can only use the means of transport specified on the Montserrat ticket. The means of transport you choose will be for both the outward and the return journey.

Cable Car Information

Montserrat’s cable car (Aeri), which entered into service in 1930, is the quickest way to reach the sanctuary.

At an average speed of 5 metres per second, the cable car covers the 1,350-metre journey comfortably, scaling gradients of up to 45%, in just 5 minutes. During the journey, passengers can have splendid views of the beautiful scenery, and glimpse part of the magnificent Monumental Rosary.

Cable cars depart every 15 minutes.

What is not included with the Montserrat ticket?

The following are not included with the Montserrat ticket from Barcelona:

a) Entrance tickets to the Basilica (not included)
b) Choir boys performance (not included)
c) Black Madonna (Morenetta) visit. (not included)

You can buy the Montserrat ticket before your trip by checking the availability below, saving you time, before your trip.

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Journey times to Montserrat from Barcelona

The Journey time to Montserrat from Barcelona España station is approximately one hour by train.

You have two options to reach the monastery once you have taken the train ride. The first is a cable car ride (Aeri) up to the monastery the second is the Funicular Cremallera Train. As stated above, you must select which ticket you will buy at the station.

Cable Car (Aeri de Montserrat)

The cable car ride from the train stop Aeri de Montserrat is only a 5 minute ride. You will have breathtaking views on the cable car ride up to the monastery; however, you will need to stand for the journey.

The cable car ride is included in the ToT Montserrat ticket; however, check when you are booking because sometimes this ticket is not available due to maintenance – in which case you have to choose the Rack Railway (Mountain train) option instead when making your booking.

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Cremallera Funicular - Rack Train - Gog Wheel train

If you are uncomfortable taking the cable car ride, take the Rack Train instead. For the Rack Train ride, you must get off one stop after Aeri de Montserrat called Monistrol. The Rack Train ride will take 15 minutes to the monastery and is more comfortable than the cable car. However, you would have better views from the cable car. The other advantage to taking the Cremallera Funicular is that you can sit down during the journey, and the train is also suitable for those with wheelchairs.

Funicular rides to the top of Montserrat Mountain

Once at Montserrat you have the option to visit the peak of the Montserrat mountain where you would have magnificent mountain views of Catalonia and the Montserrat mountains. You would need to catch the funicular to reach the top of the mountain.

Map of Where the Funicular is Located on Montserrat Mountain

Funicular Ride Prices

Funicular ride
Single ticket: €10.70
Return ticket: €16.50

There is also another funicular ride to Santa Cova cave from the monastery.

Funicular ride to Santa Cova
Single ticket: €4.10
Return ticket: €6.30

There is a restaurant at Montserrat mainly serving sandwiches. I recommend you also bring plenty of water, especially if you want to walk in the mountains.

Keep an eye on the time as the Cable car only runs till around 18:00 (times change so please check this out independently on the day you go). You can pick up a train timetable from the information desk at Plaça España before you enter the train.

Montserrat Mountain via Car

If you prefer to be on your own time and not worry about trains, renting a car and driving to Montserrat on your own is a great idea. Note, the road does get a little windy, so if you’re likely to get car sick, please do not go this way

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