Hey! I’m Nick, a Windy City native & videography nerd at www.navigatornick.com. I make inspirational travel films for budget-minded travelers like me. Follow along on my journey to see what I’m up to next on social media. I’ll show you how to value travel! Value traveling is getting the most bang for your travel buck.

Believe it or not, I first became interested in photography when I was given a disposable Kodak camera at the age of 9. Do you remember those? Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about… it was at that moment, after I took my film to the local store to get it developed, that I got hooked on photography. Ever since then, I’ve become obsessed with taking photos.

There is something about framing a shot, being immersed in a new environment and creating a story that’s really exciting to me. I absolutely love it!

My creative passion stuck with me and followed me throughout my college years. I started my own website and graphic design business when I was just 19. Go to my website HERE for any graphic design, logos, digital marketing and website creation needs.

When I’m not working or redefining a website, I love to travel and document as much as I can.

After a week-long cruise in 2014 sailing the eastern caribbean, I created my first short film and posted my video to YouTube. And while I didn’t see a ton of views hitting my video, my goal was to create something that I loved. Sooner or later and one trip after another, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I made sure to film everything I could. Even today, no matter the video quality, I love looking back at my memories from past travels when I need some inspiration for my next adventure.

I’ve learned over the years that while shooting on my adventures is my passion, I shouldn’t sacrifice the precious time I have to discover what’s in front of me. It’s extremely important to live in the moment and live each day like it’s my last.

This is my story. Follow along my journey to see what I’m up to next.

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-Navigator Nick