Where’s The Value in Booking Hotels During Covid-19?

Pandemic or not, hotels better get it together. Covid-19 is no longer a new thing, its been around for well over a year now. And, you would think that over a year later, hotels would be adjusting as needed. Covid-19 will forever change the way we travel in the future, there is no denying that. Value hotels and hotels in general, need to figure this out if they haven’t already because in my experience, they have a lot to learn.

When I’m considering an overnight accommodation, I want it to be budget friendly. I want it to have clean sheets. I want it to have a hot shower…and I need it to be in a good location. A value hotel comes in clutch when it offers a continental breakfast.

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Mask Up at Hotels Across the US

From what I have seen so far, budget hotels are not adjusting, besides for putting “mask up” signs on the front door and adding a Costco size hand sanitizer at the front desk. The rooms are not any cleaner, maybe even dirtier from my finding.

But, the biggest disappointment for me, is the lack of a continental breakfast. Like, seriously, no food? There is no way to make me more hangry and disappointed. As a hotel, you can’t offer anything at all? The airlines have barely adjusted, but that’s another story. Some airlines have gone to a paper bag system with water, a wipe and a snack to limit in cabin interaction.

Will hotels adjust to Covid-19 in the future?

Why can’t hotels do the same for breakfast? Bagels and water. Yogurt and juice. Cold milk and cereal? Is that too much to ask for? Certainly the prices haven’t changed to reflect not being offered the service. If it sounds like I’m being pretentious, I’m not. At least change the price of the nightly stay or take it off the website where it says you offer a continental breakfast. It would take all of 5 minutes and not leave your customers to believe that when they wake up the next morning, they will have nothing to eat.

So I ask again, where is the value in value hotels? Let me know your recent experience in the comments below.

2 Responses to “Where’s The Value in Booking Hotels During Covid-19?

  • I have 4 times since the pandemic, 2 of which were internationally. One thing i can say is that the cost for travel and hotel stay were cheaper. The resorts i stayed at were all-inclusive, The food was great. Jet Blue, unfortunately, in August this year, started charging for carry-on luggage. Hotels have lost a lot of money and staff since the pandemic. However, they seem to enforce certain covid safety measures for their guests.

    • Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience Kevin. I did not start traveling internationally again until most recently (September 2021), when I went to Portugal but I have a lot of experiencing traveling the USA over the last year or so. Very disappointed that JetBLue started charging for carry-on luggage, such a shame. I just hope we are in the last phase of battling Covid-19 and this can all be history.

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