JetBlue + Spirit Airlines Announce Potential Merger

JetBlue + Spirit Airlines Announce Potential Merger
JetBlue & Spirit Airlines Merger

There is big news on the horizon in the airline industry. JetBlue is buying Spirit Airlines. Surprise! For months, there have been talks about Frontier and Spirit Airlines merging but Spirit recently cutoff the deal. And now we know why, but this merger doesn’t seem to make much sense for JetBlue. JetBlue and Spirit are complete opposites when it comes to… well, everything. JetBlue offers extra legroom, free Wi-Fi, individual TV’s and an assortment of complimentary snacks. Spirit is the worst in legroom and nickel and dimes passengers for baggage, legroom, boarding early and snacks/beverages.

It’s a $3.8 billion deal that will create the nation’s fifth-largest airline.

Here is the letter from CEO Robin Hayes that hit JetBlue members this morning.

Time will tell if the merger is approved. JetBlue will have a ton of work to do to turn the Spirit image around. It actually made a lot more sense for the Frontier and Spirit airlines merger, but maybe I’m missing something.

Let me know in the comments below what I may be missing here!

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