How to Fly a Drone in the Dominican Republic

The short answer is this.

You can fly your drone that weighs more than 249g in the Dominican Republic. But, only after getting a permit from the IDAC and adhering to the Dominican Republic drone laws and regulations.

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I have obtained an English version of this form and have it available if you should need it. Please comment below with your email address to gain access to the document.

I want to stress, just because you can fly, doesn’t mean you should. BE SMART! Do not ruin the hobby for the rest of us.

Take notice and be aware of your surroundings. Always fly safe and follow all of the countries rules and regulations.

Remember, you are a guest in another country, don’t abuse your rights. If you do not follow my guide, you will be ruining it for all future drone pilots. Please follow the rules so drones are not banned throughout the world.

Here are some accessories you definitely want for your drone to make flying more fun:

Also, make sure to transport your drone safely, it’s very important. Purchase lipo safe battery bags from Amazon to make sure your batteries are not taken at the airport by security or worse, they explode on the plane.

Watch the video below to see the experience I had when I was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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