The Best Business Laptop for Travel

You want a laptop that you can rely on. I totally get that! You want a laptop that stays charged for longer periods of time. You want a laptop that has the performance to match your task handling capabilities.

Are you always on the go and need something you can count on without breaking your back and your wallet?

Take it from a tech nerd, if you travel for business, you need this laptop.

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Specifications & Features

Enter the new Dell Latitude 7400 business series model in Carbon Fiber. This sleek looking and light laptop packs a punch with an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and more than enough storage space that you wont have to worry. This model actually has a solid state disk that has 512GB to be exact. Also, not to be overlooked, is the new fingerprint system that uses the power button. You can see that in the picture below.

Pro Tip: A Solid State Disk or SSD is much faster than your traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). What does this mean for you? The computer will boot up in less than 20 seconds and tasks will become much more efficient.

Without getting into the other gritty details and nerd-ing out on the spec cheat, the cliff notes are this. This laptop is a performer! It won’t weigh you down and it has enough USB ports to accommodate those extra peripheral devices. Unlike the Apple Macbook series, Dell has not forgone the connectivity ports. Check out the different angles of the PC’s width and ports below.


Dell’s Latitude series of laptops have been a long time in the making and have a proven track record. Not too big and not too small, the screen size and rugged longevity of this build will meet your requirements.

Personally, I have been using Dell Latitude laptops for over 3+ years now and they have never failed. I’m especially drawn to the new carbon fiber color option, something that pops a little bit more than plain o’ black. If you’re looking for slightly better battery performance when un-docked, then look at the i5 processor. I have to say that I am usually plugged-in and I prefer the speed and responsiveness of the i7 processor. However, your situation may be different and the worst thing that could possible happen is a laptop without power.


The laptop is priced between $900-$2200 but most configuration fall around the $1,250-$1,500 price point. Your needs will dictate the price but if you can skimp on hard drive space with an external drive, you can save a lot of money. Also, if you can get by with the standard screen, which is fine by me, you will save some cash there too.

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