The Best Airbnb in Tulum 2022 – Nahouse Jungle Lodge

Nahouse Jungle Lodge is a place designed to host a local nature experience without losing the comfort of being at home. The natural pool does not use chlorine and is maintained with an ionization system that’s very effective and therapeutic.

If you enjoy being away from the party of Tulum, but just a few minutes away from it all, this is the place for you. Peaceful, relaxing, beautiful.

The property comes with high security and an alarm for the lodge. The property maintenance crew is close by and very alert.

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Nahouse Jungle Lodge – Zapote Lodge – Tulum, Mexico

The Property

Nahouse Jungle Lodge is a complex of four houses and a natural pool in the center of them. This place was built by the owners themselves and they have conserved much of the natural vegetation while being very harmonious with the environment around the property.

The property is just 3 km from the beach, 10.8 km from the Tulum Ruins, and 4.3 km from downtown Tulum.

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Our Experience

Our experience at the Nahouse Jungle Lodge was very tranquil, relaxing and unique. The property is like a giant garden and we spent many hours swimming and laying by the natural cenote pool.

It was refreshing to come home from the bustling downtown area and relax at the house. The fan on the first floor was perfect to get a nice breeze off the cold concrete floors. The air conditioner unit on the second floor, in the bedroom, was much appreciate during the hot Tulum nights.

The architecture of the lodge is designed well and we thoroughly enjoyed the natural wood throughout.

An added bonus was a fridge, a small kitchen sink & utensils, and the lounge area on the first floor.

We spent our lunch time out on the deck just outside the unit and enjoyed the surrounding flora.

Link to Book: Book the Nahouse Jungle Lodge

Nearby Recommendations

Holistika Art Walk

Holistika has brought together artists from all over the world to create their master pieces in the jungle. Park in front of Holistika and enter through the Holistika entrance to follow the wooden signs to the art walk.

Through art, we generate awareness for the environment and the interconnectedness of everything. Walking in the jungle, hearing the sounds and seeing sculptures and colorful murals creates an atmosphere of awe. We want to inspire you to create in alignment with nature and to respect and protect the lungs of our planet: the jungle.

Smokey O’s BBQ

Texas BBQ in Tulum? YES! This 5-star rated eatery on the outskirts of town is worth the hike down the road from the Nahouse Jungle Lodge. Just 950 meters away, this is the best BBQ food you will find in Tulum.

Pizzeria Manglar

A hidden gem on the outskirts of Tulum, this woodfire pizzeria will not disappoint. The pizza is stellar, the drinks are cheap and the wings are some of the best I’ve ever had!


The Nahouse Jungle Lodge is the best Airbnb in Tulum for a secluded getaway in a tranquil space with unique lodging and accommodation.

Check out the virtual walkthrough tour below in this quick YouTube video.

Questions? Concerns? Drop a comment in the space below to let me know your experience.

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