President Biden Signs Order Requiring Masks on Planes and Inside Airports

President Joe Biden signed an executive order today, requiring masks to be worn on airplanes, trains, buses and at airports as coronavirus infections continue to climb. It’s no secret by now that COVID-19 is changing the way we navigate, maybe, forever.

Many people were already wearing masks in airports and on airplanes, as most private companies used common sense and updated their policies across the United States according to cases and outbreaks.

The Trump administration declined to mandate masks in air travel and other modes of transportation, leaving it to private companies to set their own polices.

“Today’s executive action on a mask mandate for interstate travel, including airports and planes, will provide much needed back up for Flight Attendants and aviation workers on the frontlines,” Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Fight Attendants

All major U.S. airlines are now requiring travelers to wear masks on board — a policy that extends to airports. Airline executives say the vast majority of customers follow the rule, but they have vowed to take a hard line against those who refuse. Through last week, airlines have barred more than 2,500 people from flying for refusing to wear face coverings. The FAA noted that some rare cases have even turned violent.

The FAA this month warned it will crack down on unruly behavior and on travelers who don’t follow crew instructions.

How do you feel about being forced to wear a mask? Those that are already vaccinated, should you be required to wear a mask?

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