Maui Budget Cars – The Most Affordable Rental Car Company in Maui, Hawaii

There’s something happening on Maui right and it’s got tourists and business owners in a frenzy. The problem is that there’s a shortage of rental cars available.

The story goes, during the COVID-19 pandemic, big rental car companies such as Enterprize, Hertz, & Sixt were forced to find abandoned fields to store their fleets. Over time, weather and mother nature played a roll in severely deteriorating the fleets. Some say this was nature’s way of taking back.

Have no fear, look no more! Affordable, reliable and a hassle-free car rental service in Maui, Hawaii.

Enter Maui Budget Cars.

Located at 2000 Mokulele Hwy, Lot 86B, in Kahului, Maui Budget Cars is a short 15min drive from the Kahului (OGG) airport. But don’t worry, Maui Budget Cars comes and picks you up from the airport and brings you back to their facility to finish the rental agreement process.

For our trip around Maui, we insisted on height clearance, 4×4 and the ability to catch some sun. So, naturally, we picked their four door Jeep that they had available. The Jeep was the perfect choice for our week as we drove the popular Road to Hana Loop and the scenic Kahekili Highway.

Both of these roads don’t require 4×4 but it makes the drive that much more enjoyable. The added height clearance gave us a peace of mind when navigating those potholes. You’ll understand when you see them!

“Our favorite part about our Jeep was taking the tops off and enjoying the wind blowing through our hair. The sea breeze and bright sun of Maui felt amazing driving around the Historic District of Lahaina.”

In addition to our Jeep, Maui Budget Cars has sedans, minivans, SUVs and Mustangs! All vary in different price ranges, with the Jeep and Mustang being the most expensive.

When your week in paradise is over, Maui Budget Cars will be in contact with you on the day that you leave. Drop-off at the Kahului airport is a breeze, don’t sweat it brah, you’re on island time!

Overall, we loved our time cruising around in the Jeep around Maui. Check out Maui Budget Cars and support the local economy.

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