Portugal is brimming with traditions and charming customs that you may like to experience while holidaying here to make your visit much more authentic. Portuguese are typically gentle, friendly and modest. Visitors who make the effort to learn even a few simple words or phrases such as hello (bom dia), thank you (obrigado) and goodbye (tchau) will be appreciated.


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The family is central to the Portuguese way of life, and takes precedence over all other relationships, including in business. Employing family members within a business is seen as the normal thing to do in Portugal, as it makes sense to them to surround yourself with the people you know and trust the most.


The Portuguese are also concerned with appearances and with respectability. Being smartly dressed, whatever the occasion, is seen as a mark of respectability, especially amongst the older generation. It comes as something of a surprise to many visitors to Portugal to learn that mourning is on a grand scale here. Depending on your relationship to the deceased person, mourning can last several years, and some widows in rural areas remain in mourning for the rest of their lives.


Food and Drinks


Every country has its traditions, especially when it comes to cooking! Portugal has some superb gastronomy guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Among the customary specialities are the famous pastéis de nata (custard tarts), regional cheeses, bacalhau (salted cod) and a great variety of meat and seafood dishes, as well as great wines. For more information about Portugal’s fantastic gastronomy, click here.


The Arts


From literature to architecture, theatre to dance, Portugal has a thriving arts scene offering an insight into Portuguese culture. Whether you are looking for music, a vibrant nightlife scene, museums or exhibitions, you will find plenty of interesting places to visit, especially in the capital, Lisbon. Have a look at the Lisbon Cultural Agenda for more detailed information about what’s on.




Romarias (pilgrimages) are local religious festivals that honour the patron saint of a particular area throughout Portugal. If you happen to be in an area during these celebrations, be sure to check them out! Watch a solemn procession, observe the local religious gowns and absorb the pious atmosphere before taking part in the festivities that follow.

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