Porto is historic, charming and a foodie lovers dream. The river side town is surrounded by its captivating miradouros (lookouts) and on-trend roof terrace bars. Port wine and specifically Tawny Port wine rules the region in which it’s famous for. But, here’s what you’ll remember most: the sound of the Douro River against the docks; the snap of laundry drying in river winds; the sound of port glasses clinking; the sight of young lovers discreetly tangled under a landmark bridge, on the rim of a park fountain, in the crumbling notch of a graffiti-blasted wall…

Did I say it was a foodie lovers paradise? Some of the most famous chef’s in town include; Pedro Lemos, Ricardo Costa, Rui Paula and José Avillez. Not many think of Portugal as a food mecca, but it’s continuing to grow and blossom into one of the very best. Locals will tell you that if you’re not a wine connoisseur, find a local craft beer pub instead!

Don’t miss the cities many cathedrals, such as the Porto Cathedral, Clérigos Tower, The Carmo Cathedral, and the Sao Francisco Cathedral.

Man looks over Douro River in Porto Portugal

What to Expect

Language: Portuguese.

Currency: Euro (EUR).

Credit Cards & ATMs: Many Portuguese shops, restaurants, and hotels accept credit cards.

Safety: Portugal is one of the safer places to visit in Europe. The biggest issue is pickpocketing. Exercise caution with valuables.

Plugs: The plugs in Portugal are type F, the standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. I recommend buying a universal adapter and using a converter for hairdryers and beard trimmers.

Food and Drinks: Portugal has superb gastronomy guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Try the famous pastéis de nata (custard tarts) & bacalhau (salted cod), as well as the wines. 

The Arts: From literature to architecture, theatre to dance, Portugal has a thriving arts scene offering an insight into Portuguese culture. Whether you are looking for music, a vibrant nightlife scene, museums or exhibitions, you will find plenty of interesting places to visit. Consider taking a Porto street art walking tour!

Porto Neighborhoods

Porto is divided into several clearly distinguishable neighborhoods. To really get an idea on where you want to stay, read more about traditional neighborhoods like Ribeira, Cedofeita and Baixa.

Ribeira is probably the most famous neighborhood in Porto, due to its picturesque houses painted in colourful tones. It is located by the riverside, right next to the beautiful iron bridge Luiz I, so it is one of the most photogenic areas in Porto.

Livraria Lello, the Harry Potter bookstore in Porto

Baixa, commonly known as Downtown Porto or simply as “Baixa”, is the neighborhood just above Ribeira. It basically consists of two hills: one around the cathedral of Porto, where the city was founded, and one where the famous Lello bookstore and the Clérigos tower are located.

Bonfim neighborhood in porto portugal

Bonfim is not a touristic hot spot because none of the important monuments of the city are located there. However, here you can find hidden gems like the first public garden in Porto and the first public cemetery, among others.

Carlos Alberto Square in Cedofeita

Cedofeita is the trendiest neighborhood in Porto as it has an art district at Rua Miguel Bombarda, full of interesting art galleries and concept stores (particularly at Rua do Rosário). For me it is also the most romantic neighborhood to stay in Porto.

Buildings in the streets of Santo Ildefonso, Porto

Santo Ildefonso neighborhood includes some of Porto’s famous locations such as Bulhão – with the local typical market, Mercado do Bulhão, always with fresh seasonal products – and Trindade – know for its beautiful church from the 19th century.

Where to Stay

Budget Accommodation

Value Accommodation

Aparthotel Oporto Batalha is located in Centro / Baixa. Real Companhia Velha and Taylor’s Port Cellars are worth checking out. Experience the area’s natural beauty of Garden of St. Lazarus and Parque das Virtudes. Book Here.

Luxury Accommodation

Located in Porto, Porto River Infante is in the city center. Crystal Palace Gardens and Funny City are local attractions. Shoppers can visit Ferreira Borges Market and Bolhao Market. Bessa Stadium and Dragao Stadium are nearby. Book Here.

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What to Eat

Porto’s proximity to the fishing grounds of the Atlantic all but guarantees excellent seafood. The authentic dishes go far beyond the realms of the ubiquitous bacalao salted cod. A mix of students, residents, and visiting gourmands lets this city offer something for everybody when it comes to cuisine. You can always find a simple lunch or multi-course Michelin-starred extravaganza. The Fado Experience and Dinner in Porto mixes a traditional Portuguese cultural experience with local food.

The city’s iconic Francesinha Sandwich has two types of sausage plus ham, steak, bologna, and cheese

The famous francesinha. A large Porto sandwich composed of layers of meat, topped with cheese, and covered with a rich beer sauce.

Seafood is a local favorite in Portugal

A classic salted cod dish with potatoes and loads of olive oil.

Bucket List Worthy Attractions


Wine Tasting


Douro River Cruise


Climb Clérigos Tower


Visit Livraria Lello


Dom Luis l Bridge


Azulejos Spotting

Things To Do

Top Thing to do in Porto

Other Popular Cities


Douro Wine Valley


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