Costa Rica

The mountains in the clouds, the clouds in the mountains, you decide. But this little phrase became one we were constantly saying to ourselves throughout our time in Costa Rica. Over the last few years Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular and I experienced first hand why this to be true. The country is lively, amazing, organic, genuine and heartwarming. Costa Rica has been on my bucket list and a place I was looking forward to navigating. The biodiversity is what kept me wanting to explore more and the culture made me want to stay longer. Did I forget the beaches? Yes, the beaches are fantastic too.

What to Expect

Language: Spanish.

Currency: Costa Rican colón

Credit Cards & ATMs: Many Tico shops, restaurants, and hotels accept credit cards.

Safety: Costa Rica is generally, safe, but use caution. Exercise caution with valuables.

Plugs: 110 V, The same as USA.

Food and Drinks: The casado is the most traditional Costa Rican lunch- made up of rice, (black) beans, protein, vegetables- all on one plate 

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What to Eat

If you’ve spent any time in Portugal, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the iconic pastéis de nata. They beckon from every bakery window with their flaky crusts, custardy centers, and carefully caramelized surfaces. In the capital and throughout the country, they’re cheap, they’re delicious, and they’re absolutely ubiquitous; you might even say pastéis de nata in Lisbon are a dime a dozen. But I beg to differ.

In the local cafés and restaurants you will find traditional dishes such as bacalhau (salted cod). Since Lisbon is situated along the Atlantic Ocean and seafood is one of the city’s specialties. Try catch-of-the-day specials including octopus, sea bass and sardines.

The famous casada. Pork, rice, lettice, beans and bread. 

Crusted Sea bass at Zambeze in Lisbon, Portugal

Crusted Sea bass over a bed of spinach at Zambeze Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal

Things To Do

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