Harley Davidson California Dreamin’ Road Trip

Dropping off our Harley Davidson’s & Preparing for Takeoff

We woke up at a decent time on our last day and decided to take one last ride. It was about 8:30am and we had our sights set on Long Beach, California.

Most of the marina was empty and we enjoyed a walk down the boardwalk to snap some photos of the boats and ships nearby. I flew my drone for a good 30 minutes or so but after the flight my data was corrupted and nothing actually recorded. I was super bummed because I hardly had the chance to fly it all trip since we were always rushing from one location to the next.

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I’m not going to talk too much more about our last day because the video below sums up our trip pretty nicely. After we left the Long Beach Marina we headed back to the hotel to pack up our belongings for the last time and ride over to EagleRider to drop off our bikes. An Uber picked us up from EagleRider and took us back to the airport where we waited to board our plane back to Chicago.


Monday September 3rd, 2017: Took a ride to Long Beach California for one last ride. Dropped off the bikes at EagleRider and took our flight home.

Total Miles Traveled: 1136.9miles

Total Trip Cost: $897.10 – $1100

Map Route: https://goo.gl/maps/9Hvpdc1V3ER2 

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