Santorini & Mykonos Greece Travel Guide

Our last day saw us traveling to a lesser known destination called Fokos Beach. Not many visitors to the island know about this particular beach because its off the beaten path, literally. The twists and turns of the narrow Mykonos suburb streets took us eventually to a road that ended and gravel began. We went a couple of miles down the dirt and gravel road until we met a few Billy goats playing on the side of a cliff. I tried my best to get their attention and talk back with a series of specialty goat calls (total sarcasm by the way).

Once the road ended and we couldn’t drive anymore, we found a spot to park and grabbed our things to explore the beach. The beach was completely vacant and we had paradise all to ourselves. It was around 9am so we weren’t surprised but that was the plan all along, get there early and get a good spot! A 1/2/ mile stretch of perfectly white sand all to ourselves! The small bay is nestled between a few mountains (hills?) and is gorgeous.

I decided to fly my drone while there were less people out and Amanda wanted to get some sun while taking in a view of explorers on horses riding along the beach. If you didn’t know already, Amanda LOVES horses! The drone flight was somewhat successful and you can see some clips on my YouTube channel. I say somewhere because it was very windy along the coast and I kept losing signal. Rather than lose my drone, I decided to pull up and land before disaster struck.

It wasn’t long before we were joined by a few other nude beach go-ers. Did I say we were nude? Because…. we weren’t, don’t worry ;). But yet again, clothing was totally optional at this place, something to keep in mind for your planned travels.

The bay was a little hard to swim because of the wind so we didn’t swim a lot here. We mostly used the water to cool off for 5min or so and that was about it. You couldn’t hear much chatter along the beach besides the waves crashing and it was a perfect ending to a great adventure in Mykonos. I always like to end on a beach day to get some much-needed relaxation time and wind down before getting on the plane. Technically this was not our last day on our trip, but it was the last day in Mykonos before our big travel day home the following day.

We left the beach with a golden tan and sand in places we didn’t want it, but sadly, it was time to head to the airport. But, before we did so we stopped at a local place to grab some lunch. It was called Mykonos Oregano Cook & Grill and it was delicious. I had a Mythos draft beer, fresh garlic bread and a rice and prime beef with sweet pepper dish. It might have been my favorite meal of the trip! Amanda had stuffed chicken and rice, also very delicious!

After lunch we headed to the airport to take our Ryanair flight from Mykonos to Athens. The plan ticket was around $105 including priority boarding and one checked bag. Not a terrible price, but not cheap either. However, this was the most efficient way to get from Mykonos to Athens. We could’ve done another boat charter but it would’ve taken at least triple the amount of time.

In Athens, we would be staying overnight at a breathtaking seaside escape in Porto Rafti. Watch my video room tour of this apartment HERE. The bright holiday apartment was right along the ocean and was just a 25 minute ride to the airport. Because we were taking a very early flight out in the morning it was important that we had somewhere close by to stay. The apartment fit the bill perfectly as it had great views, comfy accommodations and was just a block away from quite a few restaurants.

We had a quick dip in the ocean before we got ready to head to dinner. Greece is a foodies dream and we had another great meal at Barco Cafe Bar Restaurant. Listed at number 6 on TripAdvisor’s top Porto Rafti restaurants, this Greek Pub and grill has plenty of delightful options, it was hard to choose. Ultimately, I went with the grilled chicken and sautéed vegetable medley entree.

Exhausted from our travels, we retired to bed to wake up in a few hours for the long flight back home. The flight to Madrid was scheduled for 4:50am and once we arrived in Madrid, we had a four-hour layover. Going home is never fun and a lengthy layover made me re-think even going home. I really wanted to explore Madrid and Spain! Luckily our flight wasn’t delayed leaving Madrid and we made it back to Chicago around 2pm (CST).

Our time in Greece was bittersweet and I can’t wait to come back to visit more of the islands.

Enjoy the full video from our trip below!

Total Trip Cost: $$$

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