Santorini & Mykonos Greece Travel Guide

Day 6 – The Hangover & Sailing to Mykonos Greece

Waking up the next morning was a little rough, if you know what I mean. No complaints though, YOLO right?! Between my tech gear and all my clothes, I had to quickly throw everything in my suitcase and backpack to make our way to the Athinios Dock. The Sea Jet Champion 2 was going to take us to Mykonos, our next destination. The sea jet was more affordable then taking another quick flight. The cost for the two of us came out to be 133.60E, which is roughly $151 US dollars. Not only was the ferry cheaper but it was another way to see the islands and sail the Aegean Sea. The views leaving Santorini and coming into Mykonos were fantastic and very enjoyable from the rooftop observation deck.

We made a quick stop at Naxos Greece to pick up passengers and then were docking in Mykonos in no time. The ride was not too bumpy as the waves and ocean were tolerable that day. Overall the trek took about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Stay tuned for my video review of the Sea Jet Champion 2 coming soon.

We grabbed our bags and stepped off the ferry to meet our shuttle bus driver to take us to the rental car agency. We gave the Fiat Panda a once over and make sure everything was all good.

Pro Tip: Always take pictures or videos of the rental car before you drive away. That way, if there is any damage, you will not be charged when you bring it back.

If you’re keeping track of our expenses, check out my article breaking down the cost of our trip. This is our second rental car. Most rental cars in Europe are manual, so be sure you rent in advanced if you need to book an automatic but expect to pay more.

After navigating the narrow and curvy roads of downtown Mykonos and heading south to the beaches, we made it to Votsalaki Boutique Resort next to Paradise Beach. This place was something out of a Hollywood movie. Infinity pool, ocean views, personal bartenders and right next to the beach. The price to stay here is steep but in our opinion, it was well worth it. Read in detail all about the Votsalaki Resort here!

Since we had ourselves a long day and night the day before, we decided to take is easier today after our boat ride here. The first thing we did after throwing our bags down and getting changed was hitting that infinity pool. I’ve never been in an infinity pool and it didn’t disappoint. It was so relaxing floating on my giant popsicle floaty and looking out into the ocean with a drink in my hand. This was life and it couldn’t get any better in this moment. Complete relaxation and miles and miles away from home and work. My favorite cocktail had to be the Zombie dust , which was the special of the day. We ordered a bacon, pepperoni and BBQ pizza and it was the BEST pizza I had ever have. Oh my god, you don’t even understand. So good, like, so…so….GOOD!

After a couple hours of pure bliss, we got ready to head to Little Venice to catch the sunset. Parking is very limited in the area and we didn’t want to get our bumper smashed, pay a ridiculous parking fee or worse, get towed.

Pro Tip: Get to Little Venice hours before the sunset. Parking is very limited.

We finally found a place to park but by then it was too late and we unfortunate missed most of the sunset. We got to see the final minutes from the parking lot and it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t very romantic either. Walking along the boardwalk that runs along Little Venice’s bay was gorgeous at night. The sea side restaurants and bars were gleaming and in full swing for the dinner rush. Romantic table settings and a perfect backdrop could be had at almost every restaurant. While the seaside places were a bit more expensive because of the view, we chose to stop at an Italian restaurant near the center of town that was more affordable called D’Angelo’s Italian Mediterranean Cuisine. As much as we wanted to sit seaside (you couldn’t see a ton at night), this place did not disappoint! Probably the best bruschetta I’ve had in my life and pasta dishes that would make your grandma’s knees weak. We didn’t have any room after dinner for dessert but we had to walk off those carbs.

Little Venice is magical at night. The quaint shops, the vibrant restaurants, the sea side bar escapes, all as energetic ambiance fills the air. Strolling in and out of alleyways looking for the best-looking ice cream was high priority for the night. We finally walked off our dinner and were ready to commit!

After grabbing some of the best gelato I’ve ever had, we continued to stroll along the lakefront and did a little bit of window shopping and people watching. If you’re keeping track and a foodie like me, you probably realized by now that today was food paradise for me. So many top choices and everything was so amazing. Doesn’t everything seems more amazing when you’re away from home?! Ha

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