Santorini & Mykonos Greece Travel Guide

Day 5 – Horseback Riding to Eros Beach

The next morning I woke up early to catch the sunrise off of our balcony and do some drone photography with my DJI Mavic Pro. We had a perfect location to view the sunrise rising from just on the other side of the hilltops. I was able to take some time lapse shots, you can view the video here!. Amanda and I enjoyed a beautiful made to order breakfast on the veranda of our hotel overlooking the ocean and bay. Our breakfast consisted of a veggie omelet, fresh fruit, tea, orange juice and hash browns. SO good!

Our main adventure for the day was a horseback ride to Eros beach. Around 9:15am a car picked us up from our hotel and brought us back to the riding stable. The stable was a small one in the heart of Akrotiri call Santorini Horse Riding. We stood in a room to get the shakedown of what was going to unfold, grabbed our gear and saddled up. I got the clumsy horse of the bunch or maybe she had too much to drink the night before but she was a bit clumsy. For what it’s worth, everything was fine and I managed but the horse seemed to stumble a lot. Better than Amanda’s horse though, it wouldn’t stop pooping!! And of course she was in front of me. What a view…

Luckily for you, you can skip the next couple of paragraphs and watch a video instead. I had my GoPro on and you can see the horseback adventure for yourself by clicking here.

We left Santorini Horse Riding and immediately hit the first trail. We walked past local farms and made our way through the sandy and rocky hills to the ocean. Getting to the ocean was a feeling of eureka! It was gorgeous and so refreshing. It was really hot out and if I had to guess the temperature, I would bet it was close to 90 degrees. I had only been on a horse a handle-full of times and this was the first time I rode a horse through water. It was really beautiful and I tried to enjoy every second in the moment. We stopped for a few photos and my only complaint was that we didn’t have enough time to take everything in. We took a slightly alternative route back but eventually came back to the same trail that led right to the stable. By the end of the ride I felt like a pro and I was ready to take the next step of my horse-riding career.

We had a great time and I would highly recommend this company if you are looking to do some riding in Santorini. While we did get to trot here and there, I believe we didn’t do it enough. When you ride in a group like we did, you can only go as fast as your weakest rider. The tour was meant for first timers and experienced riders alike. Amanda has been riding since she was 10 years old so she was ready to canter her way through the fields. Maybe next time!

The tour concluded with them dropping us back off at our hotel mid-afternoon. We had some time to kill before our dinner plans so we stopped at a few pottery and souvenir shops along the road and headed further south to check out Red Rock beach. Red rock was a short 15 minute drive from our hotel but we did have to make a couple of U-turns to find the correct roads. We specifically picked this hotel in the southern part of the island to make use of the location to see what it had to offer. The southern part of Santorini is just as beautiful but a lot less crowded. You’ll want to rent a car or have a means of transportation though because it’s not very walking friendly, things are too far apart to waste time walking around.

Our stay was short at Red Rock beach but we wanted to make sure we saw it if we didn’t get a chance to before we left the island. The views from the cliff are a sight to see. The sun beats off the red rocks and creates these beautiful colors in the water. It’s amazing how it just drops off and all the clay is exposed from years of decay. We snapped a few photos and headed back down to the trail to the parking lot, hopped in our 5-speed fiesta and made our way back to the hotel to get ready for our night out on the town.

Santo Wines was another 15 minute short trip from our hotel, I told you Kalastesia was in a good location! Santo ones is one of the most prestigious wineries on the island. We had a reservation booked for an hour before sunset, that would give us plenty of time to take in the views, order a flight of wine, an entree and a delicious dessert. So, we did just that! We order a flight of 10 wines and a pork tenderloin dish with golden roasted potatoes. The wines were OK in our opinion, we really only liked a few of them, mostly the white wines. The pork tenderloin and the potatoes though, were phenomenal! The pork was tender, full of flavor and hit the spot, not to mention the presentation was 5-star quality. We splurged on some dessert which consisted of strawberry ice cream and two warm dark chocolate brownies. Yummm!

However, the best part was our table next to a waist high glass window on the edge of the balcony of the restaurant. The best sunsets in the world must be in Santorini, I swear. The sun is so big, bright and full, I’ve never seen it like this in my existence. As we quickly took some golden hour photos and enjoyed every second before the sun set behind the horizon, the setting was something out of a fairy tale. Everything the light touched was so stunning looking and with 180 panoramic views, this was the place to be! Absolutely incredible, you must go…

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Feeling good and ready to mingle after our wine flight, we were ready for our next adventure of the night. We headed back to Fira to find a few bars and check out the local dance clubs. We didn’t have any luck at any dance clubs but maybe we weren’t looking in the right area or we didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a cover. Let me know in the comments below if you have some suggestions.

We took a stroll down the famous alleyways of Thira and found a local Irish pub called Murphy’s that we could hear from what seemed like a block away.’!

Bumpin’ – when the club’s so loud that you can’t help but dance and join the party!

There was no cover and everybody looked like they were having a great time so we stopped in, grabbed a few drinks and sang and danced the night away. After Murphy’s we headed to another hot spot right in the heart of the caldera nightlife called Tropical Bar. This bar didn’t close until the wee morning hours but we had to be up at a decent time but made it until around 3am partying with the locals and meeting other travelers from Denmark and Germany. The best part of this bar was the balcony for viewing the Fira skyline. After meeting our new friends and getting pretty tired as the hours ticked by, we called it a night and headed back to Kalestesia.

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