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The Portugal Travel Guide

The Portugal Guide will show you how to get the most bang for your travel buck. Packed with tips, tricks.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is one of Europe’s genuinely undiscovered, and unspoilt, gems. The Castelo de São Jorge sits at the.

Why go to Portugal?

Portugal is rich in history, thriving in culture and a melting pot for foodie lovers. The most western part of.


Portugal is brimming with traditions and charming customs that you will love during your visit here. Portuguese are typically gentle,.

The Perfect Day in Sintra Portugal

There are a lot of ways to spend your time in Sintra, Portugal. With so much to do in so.

Drone Photography of Porto Portugal

Is it Safe to Travel to Portugal Right Now?

Let’s break this down as easy as possible. Like many countries that heavily rely on the tourism industry, Portugal has.